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RE&S was established in Singapore since 1988 specialize in Japanese cuisine. Over 25 years of presence, today, we are one of the largest restaurant operator operating more than 50 outlets dotting Singapore landscape serving millions of customers a year. We are growing in Malaysia with our Mission Statement:

  • We pledge to provide dedicated service to our customer.
  • We strive to work with the right attitude, with maximum effort and always with enthusiasm.
  • Together, we aim to do better, achieve new things and grow, to become the restaurant of choice by our customers to visit, for our members to work, for our suppliers to partner with, and for our community to be served.

 Why join us?

We carry the 7 Core Values to grow our business : 

1. Leadership    We lead by example 

2. Employee Orientated    We care for our people and are committed to their development 

3. Teamwork    We succeed with teamwork 

4. Perseverance    We work hard and work smart     

5. Integrity    We grow our business profitably, with integrity and unyielding ethics 

6. Customer-Centric    We place the customer experience at the center of all we do 

7. Caring    We care for the environment and give back to our communities