Maximum Bliss Resources Sdn Bhd

Company Overview

GengAircond (by Maximum Bliss Resources Sdn Bhd) which established in year 2012 provides an extensive Aircond and electrical appliance services.

The business size means that the company have the capacity to efficiently deal with large volumes of work, particularly during peak periods, whilst still maintaining an excellent level of customer service where our clients personalised requirements are met.


GengAircond are proud of the fact that whilst very few of our competitors regularly take on apprentices, GengAircond trains more apprentices than any other commercial air conditioning organisation in Malaysia. This, coupled with running skills training sessions for our other qualified technicians ensures that a high level of expertise is retained within our organisation and industry. 

GengAircond provides an excellent job on all assigned tasks/projects and can assure our clients the highest level of service and commitment.