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Objective I: Handling Human Resource & Administration
1.     Interviews and selects workers for the job site with support from HRD
2.     Responsible for communicating rules that involve on-site safety procedures to new hires.
3.     Responsible for enforcing rules and regularly serve as timekeepers and approve workers’ time cards. They are typically responsible for preparing the work schedule and approving workers’ time off requests.
4.     Create and maintain comprehensive project documentation
Objective II: Supervising Construction Activities
1.     Acts as the supervisor to the foremen who are, in turn, responsible for supervising the workers.
2.     Supervise and manage any consultants related to the project
3.     Inspect and approve all of the work that is performed by contractors, sub-contractors, and employees
4.     Ensure that all project tasks are delivered on-time, desired quality, budget and within scope
5.     Coordinate internal resources and third parties for the flawless execution of projects
6.     Supervise and delegate project tasks to key responsible staffs
7.     Work closely with architects and engineers, lawyers, and other professionals concerning to regulatory framework and quality assurances of the project 8.     Coordinate work schedules in a way that prevents conflicts in the workflow, seeing to it that things are done in a proper and precise order and that the materials to do the job are in place when the task comes up in the workflow
9.     Ensure resource availability and allocation

Objective III: Handling Accounting Functions
1.     Development of pre-construction budgets and estimates
2.     Monitors expenses in order to ensure the budget is being met, and if it isn’t, then determining whether or not the company can make up the difference
3.     Maintains all records pertaining to labour and material costs, often enlisting the aid of Civil Engineering/Architecture software, a secretary, or an accounting clerk.
4.     Track inventory of all materials and supplies to help ensure against loss and help keep the job on schedule. 

Objective VI: Project Management System
1.     Setup project management system
2.     Build project management team and capacity of the team members
3.     Develop a detailed project plan to track progress
4.     Developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility
5.     Measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools and techniques 6.     Use appropriate verification techniques to manage changes in project scope, schedule and costs
7.     Track and monitor project performance, specifically to analyze the success of project’s short term and long-term goals
8.     Ensure work transparency throughout the lifespan of the project

Objective V: Project Risk Management 
1.     Perform risk management and risk assessment to minimize project risks   
Objective VI: Partnering & Reporting ·         
1. Partnering with key stakeholder both internal and external parties involved ·        
2. Identify key potential partners, supplier and governmental bodies who has direct and indirect impact to the development projects ·         
3. Assist in settling contract closure with all responsible parties ·         
4. Manage the relationship with the owner and all stakeholders ·         
5. Establish and maintain relationships with all involve third parties/vendors ·        
6. Report and escalate to Head of Business Development, Head of Consultant, Head of Accountant, Head of Architect and Chairman