Cardas Research & Consulting Sdn Bhd

Good quality research is dependent on good quality resources. Cardas Research & Consulting Group (CRCG) ensures that every project is executed with the aid of a highly experienced team of dedicated professionals, and by employing the use of the latest state-of-the-art techniques which comply with high quality standards.

We offer a comprehensive range of modeling and analytical services that will integrate data from multiple resources and transform these data into information, thus providing your business with new tactical and strategic insights. Our statistical techniques can contribute in quantifying likely outcomes and evaluate the effectiveness of your business’ current marketing plans. Our resources are comprehensively equipped to handle any project and our dedicated personnel are committed to providing personal attention to your unique needs.

Providing actionable solutions that can transform marketing problems into opportunities. Producing intelligent findings and viable alternatives for strategic and tactical decision-making. In addition to marketing research services, CRCG also provides support in database management such as data acquisition and data development. Our clients consist of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and notable medium and private organizations located in Asia Pacific as well as in Europe.