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WFR Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd

WFR Medical Supplies Sdn Bhd is a professional supplier of medical equipment. Always adhere to the "Your complete satisfaction" principle.

Early 1998 in mainland China WFR for the first time, has been to service and professional customers "Your complete satisfaction." After nineteen years of unremitting efforts, we in the medical clinical testing equipment and medical imaging equipment research and development, production, sales and after-sales service has accumulated rich experience. This will provide you with a better service guarantee.

Today, WFR has sole proprietorship in mainland China, Hong Kong and Malaysia. WFR's new R & D centers and companies in the United States are also about to start operating. As a medical group, we have a number of medical laboratory investment and ownership, product manufacturers, all of our products are CE and ISO certification. Some products are approved by the FDA. We have an experienced team of engineers. We provide 360/24 all-weather sales and repair services to customers around the world.

We believe that choosing us is your best decision. Because you will get the highest quality, the lowest price, the most timely after-sales service.

We always adhere to the "Your complete satisfaction" principle




今天,WFR在中国大陆,香港和马来西亚都有独资经营。 WFR的新研发中心和美国公司也即将开始运营。作为医疗集团,我们拥有多个医疗实验室投资和所有权,产品制造商,我们所有的产品都是CE和ISO认证。部分产品经FDA批准。我们有一个经验丰富的工程师团队。我们为世界各地的客户提供360/24全天候的销售和维修服务。