Brooks Andell Sdn. Bhd.

Established in the UK in 1973 and now with divisions in South East Asia and the USA, Brooks enjoys a well-deserved international reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality engineered products.

Brooks specialize in the manufacture of high precision gears, conveyor chains and adapted transmission chains.

They have established a customer base supplying industries that require a high quality product, good design advice and excellent technical support.

Being in Asia, Brooks Andell Sdn Bhd has been focusing on assembling quality conveyor chain for the past 13 years, in to a variety of industries. Our branching out to Asia has enabled us to give a much-improved service and support to our many customers in this part of the world.

Industries that use our products include Theme Parks, Steel Production, Off Shore Oil Pipe Laying, Motor Car Assembly plants, Palm Oil Plantations, Sugar cane processing plants and refineries, and High Temperature Insulation Manufacturing, to name just a few.

Now the Malaysian facility is expanding to be able to supply a wider arrange of supporting products that complement our current product line.

Also with our new manufacturing facility and our manufacturing partners we are able to supply all specifications of steel conveyor chain along with drop forged and cast malleable iron chains.

Many research and development projects have produced products that exceed expected replacement recycle times and provide maintenance-friendly assemblies which greatly reduce stoppage and down time.

We have experienced technical teams based both in Europe, at our Manchester Factory and in the Far East, at our Damansara Facility.  This enables us to give up to the minute technical support and also essential pre-production design advice.

 The services we offer with each project are as follows:-

  • All our chains will be supplied with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Note: This is backed and supported directly from the factory.
  • Pre-design advice.  Can we bring our many years of experience to your aid? We are happy to be involved in all aspects of the initial design. We feel that time spent designing out the problems before manufacture makes everybody’s job easier and gives a greater degree of satisfaction to the customer.
  • We are happy to advise and liaise closely with the designated contractor.  This has proved beneficial on a number of occasions and gives the contractor the peace of mind that he is giving the customer exactly what he wants.
  • Site inspections are carried out when a full project of chain has been supplied. This will entail a full commissioning visit when the facility is in production.  A report will be provided on the visit giving suggestions on routine maintenance and any problems found.  This service will be provided as part of the contract to supply the chains with no extra charge.
  • We offer a full training program for all staff involved in the maintenance of our products. This three hour training program helps the staff to understand the manufacture of conveyor chain.  This includes how to fit it correctly to get maximum life, how to maintain it and what to look for to prevent any major down time. 
  • A design service is available that can tailor the chains to your specific needs. We can offer the flexibility in production that will help you get exactly what you need.