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Mustapharaj Sdn Bhd

MustaphaRaj: a firm of Chartered Accountants situated in Petaling Jaya

provides nationwide services to a broad portfolio of business and private

clients who hail from various industries, including manufacturing, trading,

banking, technology, engineering, pharmaceuticals, construction and health

to name a few.

We assist our valued clients in meeting their business and growth potentials

by offering specialist business improvement solutions encompassing

corporate finance and restructuring, insolvency, corporate risk management

and governance; all supported by a well skilled and matured general

practice. Our innovative and practical solutions undoubtedly raises our

Clients to their next level of success.

Their success being our success.

Our forte being that of a one stop business centre enables us to provide

solutions to meet almost all business requirements through our well

connected network / alliances with specialist professionals from within the

specific industry.

At MustaphaRaj, our staff drive our success. Their dedication to personalized

quality service coupled with attention to details give our clients a most

engaging and satisfying experience.