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Brand Inc.

Celebrating our 15 years anniversary, Brand Incorporated (Brand Inc.) is a leading lifestyle boutique public relations agency behind the publicity success of organisations, personalities and brands such as Far East Hospitality, Whisky Live, Prof David Sidransky, Franck Mesnel, Sofitel, Wacoal and Karl Lagerfeld in Singapore and Malaysia.

The Content Publicist Across Traditional, Digital and Social Media Platforms

The secret of Brand Inc.'s success lies in strategic publicity expertise across digital, print and social media to deliver results and content driven by SEO insights and google data analytics.

Headquartered in Singapore with a branch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Brand Inc., has carved a niche as a publicist specialist across traditional, digital and social media platforms in consumer lifestyle public relations.

Our specialisations include hospitality and tourism, medical and digital public relations.