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The company

-      Our growing company is seeking to hire sales manager who will be responsible for supervising and organizing our sales team, with or without experience you are welcome to apply. But in order to succeed in this role, you must have great attitude, experience and skill competency is secondary in determining how far you can go. With the right attitude, you can be a superstar performer. All you need is a little guidance and training. One of our core values is trust and personal responsibility in everything we do. For that to happen, you must have commitment and integrity. We're looking for a long term members and we hope you are too, you will have freedom unlike other organizations, as long as you deliver results.


The positions

-      We are looking for more awesome people with min sales experience of 1 years to be a part of our community of superstars, join our ever growing community of rising stars and together we will reach for greater heights. Junior sales typically earn RM42, 000 per year, senior sales make up to RM120, 000 per year. All for a 5 day work week.


Why should you apply?

-      Great pay

-      Work life balance

-      Excellent growth and advancement opportunities

-      5 day work week

-      Flexible working hours

-      Very competitive benefits package

-      Generous bonus program

-      Overseas trip to Europe

-      Single parents are welcome to apply


To apply, you must:

-      Be at least 21 years old and above

-      Possess own transport

-      Min 1 years of sales experience

-      Good command of mandarin and English

-      All are welcome to apply, especially single parents

-      Self-motivated and hardworking


Interested candidates are invited to apply with a simple resume, thank you for applying.