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PDVL Overseas Advisory Sdn Bhd

PDVL Overseas Advisory Sdn Bhd (Company Reg. No. : 961176A) is an education academy founded in March 2007. The same year it established an advisory department in Port Dickson to provide an impartial professional and FREE counselling and applications service for Malaysian students who are interested to study in the UK.
The service was exclusive and has continued to excel with its staff to make sure students get the very best advice and help with their plans to study in the UK since 2007 PDVL has grown rapidly, essentially through the recommendations of our satisfied students.
The chief department manager who graduated from University of Manchester, LLB (Hons) has vigorously seek to expand the network of the profession and helps advance our mission of making a free quality counselling and applications service to British education easily accessible to all Malaysian students.
Geographically and demographically we cover a greater area than any other specialist British education counselling organization in Malaysia and we strongly believe that none of the organizations In Malaysia provides a friendlier, more comprehensive and more convenient service like we do.