• Batu Kawan Industrial Park, Penang, Malaysia
  • 03 Dec, 2019
Contract Construction Engineering

Job Description

Job Summary


As Project Coordinator

To represent developer in coordination, supervision and monitoring of construction works at site accordance with the contracts and construction drawing especially in respect of specifications, quality and time completion

As Clerk of work (Seconded to Architect, C&S Consultant, M&E Consultant, Landscape Architect and any other consultants related to the project)

To carried out all the checking inspection and supervision of the contractor’s work; ensure contractor build according to the construction drawings, specifications and standard as specified in the contract.


Job Responsibilities

  1. To inspect and monitor at all times each stage of the construction works, including piling, structural and architectural works, mechanical and electrical works and the infrastructure works.
  2. To ensure that all materials delivered to site conform to the approved specifications and the project’s inspection plan.
  3. To ensure that procedure outline in the Project Quality Plan (PQP) and the company’s management system manual are adhered to during supervision and monitoring.
  4. To identify all remedial/outstanding works to be carried out according to approved method statement, ensure that those works are carried out by the contractor within the time stipulated in the contract.
  5. To issue site memo/instruction to contractor from time to time in particular to quality issue
  6. To identify site technical issue and work with consultant for solution and corrective action to be implemented to avoid reoccurrence of the same issue
  7. To monitor construction work in accordance to health & safety plan and ensure safety on site
  8. To regularly report to relevant superiors/consultants on the progress of the works, the problem areas encountered especially in respect of defective, outstanding or non-conforming works or delayed works.
  9. To attend site meeting, preparation of reports/periodical reports, maintain job-site files, documents, and daily log.
  10. To review and verify the progress billing claims (work done) and variation order including joint site evaluation if any.
  11. Upon completion of works, carry out final inspections and handovers including ensuring that all as built drawings are prepared and a copy kept with relevant superiors prior to issuance of certificate of practical completion (CPC)
  12. Any and all other duties as and when assigned from time to time by the superior / management.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum qualifications - Diploma / Degree in Engineering (Architectural, Civil, Building or equivalent)
  • Minimum 3 years and above experience in Architectural, Civil & Structural, M&E and other construction related experience
  • Familiar with Building regulation, construction technique, material, testing and inspection procedure
  • Strong interpersonal and problem solving skills
  • Able to work independently with minimum supervision

Skill Level


Salary Range

RM4000 - RM8000