Sentence Reader

  • Red Ape Solutions
  • Remote
  • 07 Aug, 2020
Part time Information Technology

Job Description

We want to make voice recognition freely and publicly available and develop a voice recognition technology that reflects the diversity of the Malaysian population. This community project will require participants to contribute voice recordings of short sentences in Bahasa Malaysia. You will be given the short sentences to read off from our website. Your contributions will be made towards a voice-to-text machine learning developed by Omesti in the near future. Each contributor can make a maximum contribution of 2000 sentence recordings, to optimise the machine learning functions. While this is a community initiative, we would like to compensate you for your contribution. This initiative is flexible whereby participants can contribute sentences as and when they please within 2 weeks timeframe.

Job Requirements

  • Non-broken Bahasa Malaysia spoken
  • Must have own laptop + headset and decent internet connection 
  • No previous voice recording experience needed

Additional Information

  • Read sentences aloud from a website for 1hr/day for 4 days
  • It’s for a community project and it really takes no skills and no effort
  • Work from home
  • No skills and no effort/commitment required
  • Flexible working hour

Skill Level

Fresh/Entry Level

Salary Range

< RM1000