Student Counsellor

  • Brickfields Asia College
  • VSQ, PJ
  • 13 Oct, 2022
Full time Education

Job Description

Primary role:
 Provide individual/group counselling and guidance sessions on areas covering
academic, career, social factors such as family background and other student
support services for challenged students.
 Collaborating with management, lecturers, students and parents to develop goals
for students.
 Prepare and keep students’ confidential documentation and reports for
counselling purpose.
 Conduct orientation sessions, online webinars, assessments and assisting with
outreach activities.
 Building a relationship of trust and respect with students.
 Listening to students’ concerns, empathising with them, and helping them to see
things more clearly or in a different way.
 Discuss students’ issues with the other counsellors for better planning.
 Supervise counselling sessions for new counsellors and refer students accordingly.
 Support co-counsellor to develop their professional identity and counselling
practice skills and knowledge.
 Engage with on-going professional development activities to enhance
competence and skills, including peer supervision, training, seminars and other

Secondary role:
 Refer students to psychiatrist and other professionals for proper treatment.
 Guide and support students’ who organise mental health program.
 Submit reports to management upon request on counselling sessions held.
 Assist with any other duties as instructed by the CEO.
 Collaborate with external parties to conduct mental health programs for students.
 Assist with invigilation.
 Assist with UCAS program if needed.

Job Requirements

 A masters in Guidance & Counselling and registered with Lembaga Counsellor
 At least 3 years of working experience in higher education.
 Excellent communication skills, both written and spoken.
 Experience working in a busy and demanding environment.
 Able to work independently and against tight deadlines.
 Ability to cope with emotional situations.
 Good listening skills.
 Empathy and understanding.
 Ability to relate to and adapt communication style to suit a wide range of people.

Additional Information

Act as an advocates for students’ well-being and educational advancement.

Skill Level