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Head of School, Creative Communications (IACT College)

  • Brickfields Asia College
  • VSQ, PJ
  • 18 Apr, 2023
Contract Education

Job Description


·       Ensure lecturers are meeting timelines for class attendance and exam-related documentation.

·       Manage lecturers (under the programme) welfare and development. Analyse competencies and recommend training if applicable.

·       Liaise with the Head of Academics and the Academic Coordinator on workload allocation.

·       Ensure manpower resources are well utilised and allocated so as to reduce dependency on part-time lecturers.

·       Lower departmental expenses by effectively managing classroom usage, materials being printed, and maximizing class size.

·       Work with the Academic Coordinator to ensure Peer Observation is completed during Long Semesters for all FT and PT lecturers.

·       Liaise with the Head of Academics and Academic Manager in organising Industry Advisory Board and External Advisor visits.

·       Adhere to the SOPs of programme review to ensure that it is up-to-date, relevant and compliant to MQA standards.

·       Communicate changes of the programme to all necessary parties.

·       Provide relevant and accurate information for external audits such as MyQuest, MQA, MOHE and validations.

·       Update of programme plans as and when directed by the Head of Academics for smooth planning of all relevant departments.



·       Provide support and input to the Sales and Marketing Department in relation to:

o   Open Days / Education Fair / Workshops

o   Agent Conference

o   Other relevant activities

·       Responsible to counsel and ensure progression of student from the foundation or diploma level to IAC T degree courses.

·       Provide update and relevant information for marketing collaterals

Conduct  regular activities to grow the programmes (e.g. PBL, Industry Link, Media Exposure, Competition, Events)



·       Ensure that lecturers follow appropriate teaching and learning format.

·       Responsible to report any changes in modules during the Academic Board meeting.

·       Assist HR in conducting a Training Needs Analysis and ensure lecturers attend relevant training(s) throughout the year.

·       Ensure all documents and information related to exams is accurate and timely for Exam Board.

·       Ensure attendance of all lecturers during Exam Board and Lecturers are accountable for information submitted.

·       Be familiar with academic regulations pertaining to student progression, completion and graduation.

·       Provide students with accurate assessments and feedback in a timely manner.



·       Increase student satisfaction rate by providing solutions to student concerns as and when they are raised.

·       Assist students in programme planning to ensure the completion of their studies.

·       Provide accurate information regarding the programme to Student Services Department (SSD) to update the student handbook.

·       Work with SSD to provide counselling to students with progression issues, difficulties in studies, and other concerns.

·       Monitor student attrition within the programme and develop solutions to reduce drop-out rate.



·       Ensure validity of the programme COPPA and submit it to the Academic Manager for submission to the Regulatory Affairs department.

·       Assist the Head of Academics in preparing for MyQuest, MOHE and MQA Audits.

·       Assist the Head of Academics to review and improve SOPs.

·       Assist or Lead in one or more committees within the Academic department such as Curriculum, Competition, Teaching and Learning, Assessment, Student Experience.

Job Requirements

·       Master Degree in the field of Communication, Journalism, Public Relations and/or media.

·       Minimum of 5 years working experience in Malaysian Higher Education Industry

·       Good understanding of MQA and MOE Regulations

·       Industry Experience in the related field of no less than 2 years

·       Good people and interpersonal skills and customer relations

·       Previous education management role preferred

Skill Level


Salary Range

RM4000 - RM8000