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  • Jaya Shopping Centre, Jalan 14/17, Seksyen 14, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Gen Arena was conceived with the purpose of creating a venue for e-Sports enthusiasts to gather and interact, engage in their hobby and even have the opportunity to showcase their skills. Customers will get access to experiences that typical cyber-shops cannot provide due to our value-added services and hi-end equipments and we plan to include (e.g. events hosting, e-Sports competition, etc).   The e-Sports industry today in our target countries (Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan) is generally still in its infancy stage. As such, e-Sports enthusiasts have limited options to explore and expand their hobby. It is unsurprising to see e-Sports enthusiasts turn to overseas media channels to fulfil their e-Sporting needs. It is also expected that local e-Sports talents will head overseas to seek greener pastures. Battle Arena seeks to reverse this phenomenon by providing an outlet which is conveniently located locally in our targeted countries to cater to the needs of e-Sports enthusiasts.     


  • Providing a convenient venue for e-Sports enthusiasts to come together physically to enjoy e-Sports and interact
  • Increase awareness of e-Sports to the mainstream public
  • Create a brand name that people and other companies will think of the moment they mention e-Sports in Singapore / Malaysia / Taiwan  
  • Become the go-to company for e-Sports and its related activities