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The founders of the company, Mr. K C Tew, according to the remarkable will expand the small-scale transportation service trade for the carrier of the whole country of Malaysia. At the beginning, this company is only a service trade which operates Malaysian internal transportation. Under constant expansion, open-up, there are small-scale service ranges, slowly moving into the border of Thailand.  At earlier stage, we managed to enter into Singaporean market since 1980 using Syarikat Bersatu Sdn. Bhd.
Due to great expansion of the company, K C TEW SDN. BHD. decided entering into International Market.  In 2003, K C TEW SDN. BHD. started the first international trade with China by selling industrial salt for a start.
Now K C Tew SDN. BHD. offering various product including Mineral, Salt, Animal Feeder and other products for our customers.