iWISERS is a Social Intelligence company specializing in Social Media Listening, Monitoring, and Management. We provide reports and consultancy services for business new to Social and Digital Marketing, and also tools for experienced businesses to manage their own Social and Digital Marketing. iWISERS covers the APAC region with localized sources, contents, and languages for each country to provide the most accurate and relevant insights for businesses.

We offer a myriad of digital transformation solutions enhanced with our advanced intel and merged analytical methodologies. Our customizable and cohesive data analytics solutions use hyperlocalised data, methodologies, personnel and perspective in the Asia-Pacific region to help achieve companies’ objectives as to improve their brand performance, presence, audience pool, engagement and loyalty.

We also provide comprehensive digital assets creation, management and strategy service for content creation, ads management, SEO /SEO, website, web-app developments, page creation and management, community and campaign management, virtual events and others.