JOB PURPOSE              : Perform relevant tasks and oversee the PEDi operations.



1.       To assist in organising the Operations Management, Finance & PEDi Documentation Reports

·        Ensure the smooth operation of PEDi by maintaining all equipment in good working condition           to provide uninterrupted customer service to the community.

·        Compile reports for submission to MCMC, service providers, and technology providers.

·        Managing expenditures and funding for PEDi operations and programs.


2.     To assist in planning and managing ICT-Based Programs and Training for PEDi

·        Oversee the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs and initiatives related to               the digital economy and ICT.

·        Develop and manage a comprehensive schedule of technology and internet-related programs           and training tailored for all age groups.


3.       To assist in developing and implementing awareness campaigns.          

·        Organize and implement digital and internet-related awareness campaign activities within the            local community, including schools and external agency offices.


4.     Entrepreneurial Education and Training for PEDi Communities

·        Impart training and education to empower local communities and entrepreneurs with the                  digital technologies and skills necessary to thrive in the digital economy.


5.     Foster collaboration and networking with other agencies

·        Establish a collaborative network with government agencies, universities, and other relevant             stakeholders to harness the full potential of the digital economy in the PEDi region and                       spearhead the implementation of ICT initiatives




·          Candidate must possess a Diploma or Degree in Information Technology, Telecommunication,   

       Communications, Marketing, Management or other related discipline.

·          Candidates must be able to locate at PEDi locations within Selangor state.

·          Fresh graduate is encouraged to apply.


·          Have an ICT knowledge and clear idea about technology.

·          Reliable team player, able to communicate and coordinate, capable to work under pressure

       and self-improving.


·          Multitasking, dynamic, highly motivated and a result-oriented team player with good

       interpersonal skills.

·          Able to follow and adapt to fast moving technology environment.

·          Effective communication skills and able to interact with all level of people with pleasant