Spaceland Sdn Bhd

Space Plus is a platform which aims to provide an unforgettable nightlife experience for the audience. High quality electronic music is at the core of the concept and is heavily supported by the unique environment and overwhelming visuals. We strive to immerse our audience in the moment and make them forget about the world outside; their everyday problems become unimportant as they embark on a journey through an ever-changing soundscape. Our slogan ‘’Music is the Universe’’ encompasses our vision and our mission, we embrace all types of electronic music and are firmly set to develop the electronic music scene in Asia, while our aim is the Universe.

Our vision is to provide the audience an escape from the troubles of everyday life and embark on the journey of musical discovery in a safe and positive environment free from judgment, a place where they can be themselves. This vision resonates strongly with the passionate crowd of music lovers that are in pursuit of the new musical experiences. The vision and the audience it attracts mandates our musical diversity, we showcase different types of electronic music, and even though some styles are represented more than others we strive to include all of them.

With a successful history of more than 10 clubs in China and our first international hotspot in Bangkok, where 6 clubs have made it to DJ MAG TOP 100 CLUBs, we are excited to announce our new chapter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This marks an exciting milestone in our journey – a journey that is not just ours, but one that we invite you to be a part of.

Join us on this exciting ride and be part of something truly amazing! Your role in shaping the future of Space Plus starts now.