Mad Hat is a Southeast Asian creative communications, social media and public relations agency with a keen focus on lifestyle and consumer facing sectors. Young in outlook, yet very experienced, Mad Hat Asia brings decades of combined communications experience to any (tea) table they may find themselves at.

A growing collective of fresh, nutty, entrepreneurial bunch, Hatters are apt T-shaped marketeers, brimming with ideas and highly perceptive to emerging trends.

Driven by curiosity and a hunger to experiment creatively, Mad Hat Asia strives to lead the way through an ever-evolving communications landscape.

Our mission is to connect brands with their target audiences and amplify their influence through inspired communities of brand enthusiasts. We are committed to always lead with heart and a dash of wit to leverage our deep understanding of consumers to develop authentic brand narratives that cut through the noise, spark conversations that grow and foster a sense of belonging within brand communities.

Mad Hat Asia works closely with client partners, to build highly effective communication strategies backed by quality execution, designed to get the right messages out to (and this is the really important part) connect with the right audiences through integrated approaches across paid, earned, shared and/or owned channels.

Diversity fuels the Mad Hat engine, authenticity and values drive its direction.

So if you’re open to new ideas, creating real conversations and meaningful connections, we’re down to talk.