Publicis Groupe

  • Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Publicis Groupe is a global communications group renowned for its world-class creativity, cutting-edge technology, and digital and consulting expertise. With over 80,000 employees across 100 countries, the Groupe comprises four Solution hubs: Creative with Publicis Communications, Media with Publicis Media, Digital business transformation with Publicis Sapient, and Health & Wellbeing with Publicis Health.

But what sets Publicis Groupe apart from the rest is their innovative "Power of One" model. This model connects data, creativity, and technology and operates under a country-led approach. It brings together all of the Groupe's capabilities under one roof and puts clients at the core of the organization. It eliminates silos and facilitates seamless and efficient collaboration to help clients transform their marketing and businesses at scale.

To make this model a success, Publicis Groupe has a team of Global and Regional Client Leads who play a critical role in driving growth and leading clients' transformations. They are true leaders who create the vision, build a culture of collaboration, and curate a team of experts to ensure client success. They are responsible for revenue, profitability, and maintaining a strong relationship with clients.

What's even more exciting is Publicis Groupe's approach to excellence, which revolves around four principles. Firstly, they prioritize clients' needs and objectives to drive the solutions they provide. Secondly, they ensure seamless operations by creating the role of the Regional Client Leader. Thirdly, they eliminate operational barriers and unify P&Ls to facilitate collaboration. Lastly, their modular approach to problem-solving ensures that they can configure solutions that cater to individual client needs and keep pace with the constantly changing business landscape.

All these factors combined make Publicis Groupe a top choice for clients looking to transform their marketing and businesses. With their exceptional creativity, technology, and expertise, Publicis Groupe provides transformative ideas and consumer experiences that set them apart from other agencies in the market.