Lee’s Frozen Food Sdn Bhd

Lee’s Frozen Food, a leading player in the food distribution industry since 1962. Now  Lee’s are one of the largest food importer and distributor in the region with operations  in Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. We currently employ more than 500 employees  with distribution across all major cities in these countries.

We pride ourselves on maintaining products and services of top quality while  continually offering the best products sourced from every continent of the world.  At Lee’s we do everything to make it easy for you. We are a company with the buying  power to offer our customers consistently great quality and prices across a wide range  of products.

With over 600 product lines, you can be sure we’ve got everything covered. Our  experience with such a comprehensive range of products and industries ensures that  we will know and understand your business and be best placed to offer advice and  guidance should you require it.

We aim to add value wherever possible to the service we offer you, and not only meet

your needs but exceed them from your very first order.

After all, that is our business and that is our world. We invite you to explore it.