Rose Attractions Sdn. Bhd

RA Marketing is established in 2016 to assist businesses in Malaysia to digitize and optimize marketing for better ROI. 

Starting with corporate branding, media buying services, and HubSpot CRM solutions, RA Marketing quickly expanded to a full-service agency within the next 2 years. 

With a larger team consisting of marketing specialists, content specialists, creative designers, media buying specialists, digital ads specialists, SEO consultants, e-commerce specialists, web specialists, and various marketing tools, RA Marketing is capable to support multi-channel and full-funnel campaigns. 

Businesses with limited or without marketing resources could leverage RA Marketing’s expertise to plan and implement marketing strategies on a retainer or project basis.

To deliver long-term value to businesses, RA Marketing focuses on buyers’ journey, business outcome, and continuous growth. Our result-oriented approach has guided us through more than 50 clients’ projects spanning different verticals: B2B, B2C, and Government Agencies. To date, we have delivered more than 15,000 leads and RM 5 million in ad-generated revenue.

To stay updated with the latest marketing technologies, RA Marketing employees are certified by industry giants like Google, Meta (Facebook), LinkedIn, and HubSpot.

Looking into the future, RA Marketing aspires to expand to South East Asia and make its name as the growth-hacking agency to partner with