We Are Saltycustoms

The traditional way of sourcing for a reliable printing company for customised corporate T-shirts and merchandise can be frustrating and time-consuming. That’s why we’re here to offer comprehensive merchandise solutions under one roof, while making sustainable products affordable to everyone.

At SaltyCustoms, we provide a seamless solution for companies looking to design, print and distribute custom uniform, branded products and gifts – all within one streamlined system. Committed to excellence, we are careful with our selection of materials and printing resources.
Manufacturing has done a lot of damage to the environment, and we want to innovate the old, obsolete ways of the industry by focusing on sustainably-sourced materials and ESG-friendly manufacturing processes that save cost and the planet. As a result, we hope to continue creating a positive impact on nature.

Today, we are a leading tech merchandising platform in Southeast Asia, proudly servicing world-renowned brands and SMEs looking for an all-in-one wholesale clothing provider who will take care of their printing needs from start to finish. As we strategically ventured into tech merchandising, we’ve expanded our range of services to cater to all types of orders, from as little as 10 pieces to 300,000 pieces.
Finally, we believe in providing social value to our "SaltySquad", who are on this incredible journey with us.

Thank you for believing in us, and welcome to the revolution.