Surge Ventures Sdn Bhd

About Surge

Surge Ventures is a data analytics & software agency that puts innovative digital solutions into solving real business problems. We leverage on the latest cloud as well as ML and BI technologies enabling businesses to leverage on their data assets as a competitive advantage.


The Surge Team

Surge founders lead the team with a decade of digital experience and with a strong passion for tech innovation to be applied on startup companies. Our team members originate from diverse backgrounds and locations, with varying fields of expertise such as data science, software development, engineering, marketing, business, legal, and design.


 Work Culture

Surge is dedicated to innovating workforce strategies to be more fluid and flexible in three areas: skills development, project planning and organization structure. We embrace the liquid workforce ideology and thus work seamlessly with international remote teams and local hires.

Joining our team means being part of a network of individuals from all over the world striving to push the boundaries of their respective fields.

We are young, fun and with a strong mindset to produce quality work in our data projects. Here, you are not evaluated based on the amount of time sat in the office, but rather the quality of your work, and the rate of improvement in your own expertise.

Our ideal employee loves to learn the ever growing digital space; combining data, art, commerce and internet technology in our projects.