Solace Asia


Job Description(s):

  1. Possesses nursing license and is knowledgeable of nursing and medical practices in the treatment of substance misuse and addictions
  2. Provide pain management plan throughout clients’ stay and attend promptly to any emergencies (if necessary)
  3. Liaise with medical personnel such as doctors and psychiatrists on a day-to-day basis regarding the client treatment plan
  4. Administer general and substance misuse tests on a regular basis 
  5. Ensure clients’ medical needs are met by properly administering medication and supervising their recovery process
  6. Document and update any medical treatments and outcomes in the clients’ medical records to maintain quality and consistency of care throughout their recovery process
  7. Develop personalised care plans for clients in coordination with other employees in compliance with nursing care standards and the company’s standards
  8. Monitor and report daily updates to other employees regarding clients’ condition and clinical needs 
  9. Respond effectively to unforeseen hostile/maladaptive behaviours, and de-escalate any crisis circumstances by providing proper care to console them in times of need 
  10. Able to work a variety of shifts (possibly weekends and holidays)