Life Line Lab Sdn Bhd



Life Line Lab was given LIFE when 5 friends had a Eureka moment over a cup of tea and came up with the idea on how to make your medical journey (both as a healthcare giver & a patient) smooth sailing, easy going and engageable. Life Line Lab’s aim is to make LIFE simple but just not in Malaysia but to cross borders and make this experience Global.


We intend to empower people with all the possible options for their diagnosis, rather than relying only on their doctors by pooling specific healthcare resources and information and making it available as a one stop go to option.


As an ABCD technology solutions provider, we aim to empower everyone with healthcare in your palm via this brand-new ground-breaking technology, which ensures total privacy and discretion. The potential of ABCD technology is very profound with its limitless capacity, safety and security which is going to be a game changer.


At Life Line Lab, we believe that a company is made successful by the passion, skills, and expertise of its people. They are the ones who drive our company to new heights and guide us through the next phases of our development.