Firstline Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd

Firstline Pharmaceuticals is a home-grown establishment that continues to have a strong significant presence among the medical fraternity involved in Fertility Management & Women’s Health and Wellbeing.

Starting as a one-man show in 2007, the founder, Logen Singam, believed in a simple fundamental principle. To ensure products imported are screened to meet the expected level of efficacy and quality and market these products to the medical fraternity at affordable prices. This in full awareness that the ultimate benefactors are couples who want to become parents but need a ‘helping hand’ in achieving that.

Knowing that Infertility can be emotionally exhausting, financially challenging and can add stress to already stressful lives, this fundamental and founding principal has, and will always be the cornerstone of Firstline Pharmaceuticals.

We, at Firstline, are proud to have been party to helping thousands of couples achieve their aspiration of becoming parents.