Prestariang TalentXchange Sdn Bhd

Talent Acquisitions & Management

Prestariang is a Talent, Technology and Education provider in Malaysia that focuses in providing a holistic chain of ICT services in Talent & Software solutions, Technology & Services as well as Education. The Group offers its business value through, an online recruitment website which provides:

  • Talent acquisition and placement services
  • Training & Certification
  • Education to talent management for employability


Managing Talents for Enhanced Employability

With the best interest of clients and talents in mind, we provide solution through

  • TalentXchange
    Provides talent acquisition and placement services and vastly distinguished by its focus on providing a unique value chain solution to the industries.
  • Talents
    Trained and Certified talents with global certifications and prepare talents for employability.
  • Employers
    Analyze and understand current and future market needs and trends. Supply of trained talents and pipelining future talents by matching skillsets in order to assess their suitability from both technical and cultural fit to an organisation within the industry