Prestar Resources Berhad

PRB is principally an investment holding company with subsidiary companies mainly engaged in the steel-processing & steel-products manufacturing activities with factories in Malaysia & Vietnam.

PRB started its manufacturing activities in 1984 involved in the manufacturing of Wheelbarrows, Hand Trucks, Castors & Platform Truck and etc.

After its successful Public Listing in 1995, PRB had gradually diversified and expanded by moving upstream into reprocessing of steel mother coils into slitted coils / sheets (Coil Center) for the supply to Automotive, Electrical & Electronic industries. This Coil Center is a joint-venture between PRB and POSCO, the world third largest steel mill from Korea.

Meanwhile, PRB had also expanded into the manufacturing of Carbon and Stainless Steel Pipes / Hollow Sections, Steel Highway guardrail, Steel Flat-bars, Steel Purlins, Steel Shelving and Racking for storage usage.

Today, PRB has transformed into a leading steel-processing / manufacturing Group focusing on the following main activities :

1.Slitting & shearing of Carbon & Stainless Steel mother coils into slitted coils / sheets for Automotive, Electrical & Electronic, Office Equipment, Metal Stamping industries

2.Roll-forming of Carbon Steel Pipes & Hollow Sections

3.Roll-forming of Stainless Steel Pipes & Hollow Sections

4.Manufacturing of Steel Flat Bars, Steel Purlins

5.Manufacturing of Wheelbarrows & Platform Hand Trucks

6.Manufacturing of Steel Shelving & Pallet Racking and other storage equipment

7.Manufacturing of Highway Guardrails

Apart from manufacturing, PRB's subsidiaries are also involved in the sales & distributions of Hardware, Material Handling Equipment, Steel Coils & Sheets with offices & warehouse in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, Malaysia.