• No 963,Jalan Perusahaan, Prai Industrial Estate,Prai Penang.


  1. Background
  2. Kaffa Signature Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company of Bumicircuit group of companies. Kaffa Signature Sdn Bhd is also an associated company with Ta Krai Café Sdn Bhd which is now run the Kaffa Expresso Bar at Level 2, Outside Departure Curb at Penang International Airport.

Bumicircuit was established in 1996.  Bumicircuit has a wealth of experience in printed circuit board manufacturing with specialized experience and excellent engineering team. From the beginning, Bumicircuit had focused on knowing customers and responding with innovations that meet their needs with manufacturing a wide range of circuits from simple single-sided to complex surface-mount multi-layer board, while is responsive to customer needs for speed to market, and offers fast and accurate solutions and supply high quality PCB at very competitive prices. 

It is our objective to establish long-term partnership in which we provide High-tech PCBs and related services to help our customers profitable utilizing the technology. In developing our technology knowledge, we continually found significant research and development program to examine key manufacturing issues and develop effective solutions for identifying problems. BUMICIRCUIT is dedicated to the continuous process improvements.
To satisfy our customer’s needs, we provide highly professional service and deliver product excellence. Our reputation is unequalled for offering competitive pricing, punctual delivery, excellent quality and excellent one-stop services. We ensure our customer’s intellectual property and privacy are protected. 

Throughout the years, Bumicircuit has expanded its businesses in various field and division i.e. Electronics Division, F&B Division, Construction Division, Plantation Division, Art & Craft Division. 

Due to better prospects, the F&B division has branches out its own sub-division, see below Chart. 


  1. Kaffa prime products are coffee. Its best seller is café freddo, mocha freddo, and salted caramel macchiato.  We also provide non caffeine drink such as chocolate, tea, soft drink and premium beer.  Beside beverages, we also provide mainly western food and local delights for foreigners who want to try our Malaysia cuisine.  Our signature products are Chef special BBQ beef rib, lamb shank and nasi lemak kapitan chicken.  And also not forgotten is our non-so cheesy cheese cake and rainbow cake which is the love among the local people.  Other choices for pastry are chocolate moist, Red velvet, Mango Mousse, Tiramisu…etc.

Another main activities provided by Kaffa group is the daily live band to entertain our customers. Passengers are feeling different besides the rushing to check in and waiting for the time to pass to board the plane.  Our daily live band consists of solo and duet.  Most music plays are café style to ease the feeling of the passengers. Live band usually starts at 7pm till late night.

  • Dato Patrick Ooi is the group chairman, he has extensive experience in sales, marketing and management. He has lead Kaffa group with his entrepreneurship and also his management skills as operation manager in electronics industries. His duties in Kaffa group include company direction planning, operation strategy and marketing strategy.

Datin Lee Bee Guat is the group COO (chief operating office).  Her duties includes setting up new outlet, interior design and ensure that the business operation are efficient and effective, which include but not limit to formulating rules and policies, employee hiring and training. 

Ms Caryn Khew is the Vice President in Accounting and Finance.  She has the experience in this field and she is also the accountant for Bumicircuit group of companies.  Her responsibilities in Kaffa group will be providing financial, administrative and clerical services, which also include managing daily operations, provides human resource administration and payroll.

Mr Jeffery Ooi is the senior executives who handle governmental licensing application, public relation with government authority agency, entertainment and dealing with city council and MAHB personnel for any related issues concerning Kaffa and Penang International Airport.

Ms Vivian Kuek is the senior executives from time to time checking on the outlet activities to ensure that the managers and staffs are working follow standard operation procedures.  She also will attend to customers complain and dealing with function reservation and bookings.

  1. We hereby attached a letter of financial support from Bumicircuit group of companies, as the mother company of Kaffa Signature Sdn Bhd, agree to provide financial support to Kaffa Signature Sdn Bhd at all times as may be required to that Kaffa Signature Sdn Bhd maintains capital and liquidity levels to meet its business obligations. Bumicircuit and Kaffa Signature have a common owner – Dato’ Patrick Ooi.


  1. Recent Operations


i) Trading Name

Kaffa Espresso Bar

Date of holding and duration

Dec 2013 – present


Level 2 Outside Departing Curb, Penang International Airport

Total Area



Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad

Product Categories

Food & Beverages

Annual Gross sales

Approximately RM1,8000,000/year

Customer profile

60% passengers, 20% tourist, 20% local

Number of staff managing the operation (indicate responsibilities, part time/full time

Front end – 2 full times shop assistant and 3 part times shop assistant.  They are responsible for attending to the customers’ needs prepare beverage, cashier and customer services.

Back end – 2 full time chef/cook and 2 part time assistants.  They are responsible for the entire food serve from kitchen. And from time to time create or design new menu for the outlet.


Kaffa Signature (Pg) Sdn Bhd @ Auto City, Juru

 Kaffa Signatue @ Georgetown            

Kaffa Signature (SJ) Sdn Bhd @ Sunway Carnival Mall – December 2015

  ii) In order to let more people know about Kaffa and to be able to expense in Kaffa thru internationally; The Kaffa group has established all the pricing to be the same with the other outlet. We believed this establishment will let more tourists or local people know about Kaffa at Malaysia’s airport.

iii) As for our service sourcing we set a few criteria for our supplier.

  1. Quality – Items that supplied must compliance with the halal requirement or authority requirement such as health department at Malaysia airport or by the shopping mall
  2. Cost – We have our independent department to monitor and control our material sourcing and time to time do the price comparison and cost down as per corporate goal setting. The high value item will be coffee, milk, juices and etc. Kitchen supply such as meat, vegetable, indirect materials such as kitchen ware, electrical goods, air cond & electricity supply and maintenance periodically being established.  More than 95% of existing supplier all are meeting our corporate price and providing with payment terms.
  3. Delivery & Service – In order to control the freshness of the material, cooling coffee and milk, supplier has been requested to deliver the product base on our fix schedule and time. Even though, during public holiday they need to make a special arrangement to meet our requirement.



  1. Proposed trade name will be “Kaffa Signature”
  1. Conceptual Design
    i, ii, iii) Our design will be American vintage design with some antique displaying at

            the outlet and music will be played during the operation hours.  Kaffa has

            its own colours and its wooden furniture and sofa chairs to match the

vintage concept.                                                                 



  1. Merchandising/Operational Plan


  1. Once customers step into the shop all the service crew will have to greet customer with our standard greeting. Customer will be usher or request to place order and make payment at cashier counter 
  2. Our product range include beverages and beer, Western food, Local delights and some merchandize wood items                                
  3. The delivery method will be self-pick up at counter once the foods are ready. At the same time order number will be given to the passengers whom has made order and also to avoid unnecessary interruption from others.

 Customer service and Quality Assurance Programme

  1. As per our systems control, suppliers are require to send in the materials as per our fix schedule to ensure the freshness of the ingredients.
  2. Our service crew will be trained at our other outlet and they will be also to familiarize the Penang airport system; as passengers are from all over the world, the service crews will have to be able to speak in at least 3 languages and English is a must.
  • As for flight delayed, we will work with the airline and provide a simple and faster way of food to the passengers. So far we have 2 outlets operating in Penang Island.  The nearest will be the outlet at outside departing curb and food also can be prepared by our outlet in Georgetown and delivery to terminal outlet.
  1. We have a team which will handle customer complaints and feedback. A survey form will be provided to customers.  Should there be any complain our service crews will immediately inform person in charge and action and solution will be taken immediately to satisfy the customer.