Reliant Design Solutions Sdn Bhd

Reliant Design Solutions Sdn Bhd is managed by a group of passionate CAD professionals to address the dynamic nature of design trend and technology. Our core business centers in providing solutions to challenges in CAD/CAM/CAE. What Makes Us different
What Makes Us different
Our exceptional CAD expertise allows us to handle various kind of CAD challenges. We take pride in undertaking projects often perceived as too complex or difficult by others.
Working in partnership with our customer gives us mutually beneficial solutions in meeting their evolving business demands. This collaborative style of working has resulted in faster and better project deliveries.
Our Value
  • We are committed in meticulously understanding your business challenges and to resolve them in an innovative yet economic way.
  • We combine technical excellence with great customer service.
  • We create new team for each project, ensuring the best possible combination of skills and experience to meet the customer’s needs and to deliver high quality solutions.
  • We are committed to deliver world-class CAD services by creating a working environment on collaboration and trust basis.
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