Ecoclean Technology Sdn Bhd

EcoClean Technology Sdn Bhd, A Malaysian company to hold the Malaysian License to market and provide CDS Stormwater Treatment Technology in Malaysia , Singapore , Brunei and China since year 2001. All components are produced locally except for the stainless steel screening material, like everybody else is imported.

 Ø         EcoClean  CDS or Continuous Deflective Separation is the world ONLY non-blinding screen technology patented worldwide including Malaysia;

Ø         EcoClean  CDS is a superior and cost effective technology to separate gross solids from liquids. The major application for  the  technology  is  currently to clean gross  pollutants from stormwater before it enters natural waterways;

Ø         EcoClean  CDS Technology is also appealing to the food processing industry and separates gross sewer solids;

Ø         EcoClean   CDS  Technology   is   the   only   non-blocking screening  technology  and  self  cleansing  independently validated by world-class research organizations.


EcoClean Technology Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian Licensee dedicated to provide:

Ø   EcoClean CDS Stormwater Treatment Device

Ø   EcoClean  CDS Combined Sewer Overflow Device

Ø   EcoClean CDS Water/ Wastewater/Sewage Treatment Plant

Ø   EcoClean CDS Hybrid Advanced Immobilize Cell Reactor (AICR)

Ø   EcoClean Ausdrain Enviromodule

Ø   EcoClean Ausdrain Drainage Cell

Ø   E/One Low Pressure Sewer Systems

Ø  Ultraviolet Water Treatment

Ø   Ausdrain Drainage Cell

Ø   Vertical Farming

Ø   Aquaponic System

Ø   Green Products Systems  – Soilless Vertical Garden, Green Roof, Flexi Green (wrap around the pillar), Wonder Green (Vertical Urban Farming) supplied by subsidiary company Empire Green Industries Sdn Bhd