SofaX Sdn Bhd

Founded based on innovation & passion, SofaX is a team comprises of talented individuals with decades of experience across multiple industry. Backed by our several award-winning animations & mobiles games accolades, our team excels in creating engaging content that sets a brand new experience in the digital industry.
How We Started (To replace “Behind The Scene”)
Our founders’ journey begin in their attempt to design and create their dream homes. Travelled to countless furniture expos, flipped through dozens of home design magazines and toured across towns just to look for the best deals. They began asking themselves whether is there a better way to create a dream home. Is there a way to envision and design your dream home in the comfort of your sofa?
That’s how SofaX started. You can view beautiful designs of your home. You can find the most exclusive table top to the most comfortable bed within a few touches. No need for the measurement tapes. No more cutting and pasting pictures to piece things together. That’s the virtual home furnishing experience we promise to deliver.
Our Culture
Large or small, experienced or amateur, each team and each of the team are committed to craft and improvise SofaX from day to day. We work hard, and play hard. We provide a open, vibrant work environment that nurtures learning, collaboration and most importantly, freedom to bring out the best of you, because we trust you, in everything you do.
Come build the future with us.