Kampung Dining opened in Dec 2019 in the humble neighborhood of Seksyen 17, Petaling Jaya. Founded by Chef Derson Tan & his wife, Alicia - Kampung Contemporary Dining has a simple mission of celebrating & modernizing Malaysian Cuisine. Our menu is a collection of all the dishes that we have learned in our lifetime under our Peranakan roots. We have added a touch of fusion into some of them, learning from wonderful dishes that we have tasted while traveling around the world.

Inspired by our childhood memories of how we prepare and serve meals back in the Kampung, our restaurant's cooking philosophy emphasizes on creating all our sauces from scratch using only the freshest ingredients from our most trusted partner.

Here in Kampung Dining, we treat all our team members & diners just as how we would treat our kampung family - with sincerity & transparency.