LCP Buildsoft Technology (M) Sdn Bhd

Driven by the mission to provide innovative and simple solutions to help companies increase productivity and efficiency, LCP Buildsoft Technology has grown since 2012 to become a reliable and versatile IT firm today, serving customers from diverse industries including government body, property developer, law firm, retailer, manufacturer, education institution and many more. Since its inception, LCP Buildsoft Technology has created a multitude of cutting edge and user friendly Mobile Apps, Wed-based and Windows-based Solutions that support customers in terms of higher efficiency, getting the right business intelligence, streamlining and automating processes, reducing human errors and improving performances.  
Having understood that each client is unique and customer satisfaction is paramount to customer loyalty and sustainable growth, LCP Buildsoft Technology is operated based on understanding and developing lasting relationship with each customer. Instead of selling a ”luxury” software with impressive functions that are not needed at present time, each customized solution developed by LCP Buildsoft Technology is a quality product that encompasses only necessary functions at justifiable price, which is also scalable when the need of client changes in the future.
Keeping abreast with technology trend, LCP Buildsoft Technology has also evolved and started developing smart home system, integrating hardware, software and devices for better monitoring and control. Moving forward, by leveraging on the development of Internet of Things (IoT), LCP Buildsoft Technology is poised to help more businesses and manufacturers to make good use of connectivity and data, creating more values to their customers.