Jari Motor Construction

Jari Motor Construction is a subsidiary company of RICHLAND, one of the local company that owned by Sabahan. RICHLAND also known as RICHLAND EMPIRE SDN BHD.

It has been operated since 2008 and established in the year of 2016. The company involved in property and construction industries within the state of Sabah.

Our main product is to provide prestigious houses with a concept; " BUILD YOUR OWN HOUSE ON YOUR OWN LAND" .

Leveraging few years experience and expertise in property, we aim to flourish commercial housing and building construction in the year 2018, thus more housing lot will be built for our community in the future.

Currently, several areas have been selected such as Kota Kinabalu, Tuaran, Papar, and Keningau area for our base development. Our next move is targetting other prime location such as Sandakan, Lahad Datu, and Tawau as it offers high potential market growth.

In the near future, another business area which presented highly turnover investment, for instance, Hotel and Resort development, Educational Hub Property and strategic industrial buildings. Therefore, it gives the great opportunity for RICHLAND to create a new portfolio and expanding the company business in properties and construction industries.