Kamaya Electric (M) Sdn Bhd

Established in 1957, Kamaya is one of the leading Japanese Chip Resistor manufacturers in the world. Kamaya has two plants sites in Hokkaido, Japan and Ipoh, Malaysia with over 1000 employees globally. Kamaya is a technological leader in the resistor field. It has mass producted the world's smallest 01005 chip resistors, and ranks among the global top three players in providing 0201 chip resistors, chip fuses and low ohmic resistors. In April 2006, Walsin Technology Corporation invested and became an 86% stakeholder of Kamaya Electric Co., Ltd.

Management Philosophy : We shall aim to be a global company that will progress into the world through supply of resistors. We shall share the joy of working through product creation and have pride and awareness as a Kamaya Electric employee, rich in individuality. We shall always have a dream and open up our future with unyielding spirit, challenging a high goal. We shall not be content with the present technology; from it we will consistently create new technology with our own hands, and continue to pursue the highest possible quality.