Customer Connect Malaysia

At CCM, we won't forget what makes customers happy, simply because we are customers too. We are obsessively passionate about being a happy customer ourselves to remind us how to treat others the same way.

We come to work every day with one simple belief – we too can make a difference for your customers. This is our lifelong goal simply because we love what we do.

Established in 2013, CCM is a local homegrown brand with MSC status and infrastructure located in Malaysia’s first Cybercentre. We are more than an outsourcing contact centre. Besides our inbound and outbound end-to-end contact centre services, we provide insourcing services where we recruit and train agents for established contact centres in Malaysia.

在CCM,我们不会忘记让客户满意的原因,仅仅是因为我们也是客户。 我们非常热衷于自己成为一个快乐的客户,提醒我们如何以同样的方式对待他人。

我们所有人都对工作抱有一种简单的信念–因为我们热爱我们的工作,因此可以使客户的生活变得更好。 为您的客户带来改变是我们的终生目标。