• Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Founded in 2014, SUGARBELLE pioneers the local cosmetic industry by being the first LOCAL cosmetic brand to be sold in leading Malaysian pharmacy (Guardian) and big retail company (AEON). Our products cover EVERYTHING you would need to complete a makeup look from Base, Eyes, Lips, Makeup tools to storage solutions and hand sanitizers!

Being a Malaysian local brand, we emphasize on SAFETY. SUGARBELLE adheres to ALL local regulation and standard of procedures. We are PARABEN-FREE and CRUELTY-FREE. We strive to be an exemplary local cosmetic brand with strict control over the QUALITY of our products. Our mission is to provide the absolute best to all Malaysians.

SUGARBELLE strives to provide the BEST when it comes to service, medically-proven ingredients while keeping up with the latest trends. Furthermore, we continuously produce and revise our products to cater every makeup lover by making it user-friendly. We believe that beauty comes within but if you need a little pick-me-up, SUGARBELLE would like to be a part of your daily routine for YOU to create YOUR OWN path in this world!