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EFPay is an app-based online marketplace to trade seafood commodities. It allows fishermen to sell their harvest directly to F&B establishments such as restaurants, hotels, retails, etc. We are a startup company with the vision to build an all-in-one platform for fishermen and farmers, help them to thrive and be sustainable.


In the current fishing industry, most fishermen live in rural areas without access to the latest technology. Hence, the industry remains the same for the past few decades. The existing problem in the fishing industry are: 1) fishermen lack bargain power when selling their harvest to middleman 2) fishermen are paid unfairly by middleman 3) more than 27% captured fish rots and thrown away before sold.


Therefore, our solution is: 1) build a digital marketplace for fishermen to sell directly to buyers without any middlemen (through the app) 2) build a distribution channel to deliver the seafood efficiently. Until now, we have successfully build a functioning app; we are looking for users to buy seafood through the app, and that’s why we need you!