VV Consulting Group

We help companies build innovative talent strategies and consult them in various aspects of their HR, business operations, branding work and give their businesses an extra sweetness.

We work with Founders, Co-Founders and C-level Executives on both operational and strategic perspectives in building their brand, setting values for the Company, setting up systems and processes, focusing on business expansions and managing their projects.

We’ve scaled recruitment from 0 to 1000 employees within 8 months, merged two legal entities, managed the company’s P&L and integrated software systems ensuring it caters exactly what the businesses needs are.

We’ve built a HR system, an employer branding app, an employer brand book from scratch and a career’s page for our Clients. We’ve worked closely with Stakeholders to set up an e-learning academy and implement leadership training programs.

Areas of Focus & Expertise:

E-commerce, Start-ups & SMEs
• Business sops & processes
• Merging & restructuring
• Business expansion
• Managing & executing projects
• Refine value proposition

Human Resources
• HR Policies & Processes, Employee Handbook
• Payroll
• Talent Acquisition
• Candidate, Employee & Employer Character Analysis
• Employee Engagement Survey
• People & Culture Development, Employer Branding
• Retrenchment
• Training & Coaching
• In-House Consulting
• VV Mentorship

Consumer & Marketing
• Market Research (Product Placement)
• Consumer Experience (CX)
• Digital Marketing