• Air Itam, Penang, Malaysia

Win Mah Sdn Bhd is the brick-and-mortar store which selling home appliance, wiring, hardware, lighting, switches and so on. The business has established for more than 20years; since then, the company has been growing every day. The headquarter is located at Farlim, Penang, and we have some branches across Penang, so the company have the right to change your working venue if necessary.

In Win Mah Sdn Bhd, all workers practice good culture which being friendly, loyal, helpful, and respect. The company is very concern about relationship between workers and workers, as well as between boss and workers; therefore, politic is strictly prohibited inside the company.

Recently, we are adjusting our company structure and also planning to expend our business both online and offline to adapt in this digital marketing era, so we are hiring someone whom are passionate, discipline, take initiative, and able to work as a team as well as work independently.