Destina1 International Sdn Bhd

World Leader in Advance Scalar Energy Products

that utilizes cutting edge & sophisticated Direct Selling software system to promote the latest products embedded with advanced scalar technology. Its advance scalar energized products which are good for the well being of the human body are marketed in many countries worldwide.

Destina 1 International adopted the Blue Ocean Strategy for its business growth. The company is successful & committed to building powerful networks. Destina1 creates opportunities globally for members through its DIRECT SELLING system and advanced technology. Its products are the result of comprehensive R&D in BioMatrix Science Technology and advance scalar technology.

The core values of Destina 1 International truly spells out the company`s characteristics; a combination of excellent technologies and customers from all over the world who are using cutting- edge information with DIRECT SELLING system to market its products. Destina 1`s on-line marketing and delivery tools are world-class and utilize the latest software technologies.