FTA Wealth Management

About FTA

FTA Wealth Management Sdn Bhd (FTA) is committed to helping people plan for their future, providing advice on how to build wealth, protect their assets, and to take care of their health and loved ones. Formed in 2018, FTA is a one-stop solutions provider of financial planning advisory services, wealth protection, accumulation and distributions.

Our Passion

FTA’s priorities is to help our clients in simplifying their financial planning through the LIMA presentation and provide our clients assurance and peace of mind without the need to deal with complicating insurance works.

As we know, there are many layers of generations that range from baby boomers to millennials and that they may have different risk & priorities in life. Therefore, using the Circle of Life, our FTA partners help identify each client’s needs or wants and advice them accordingly so that our clients will have a better understanding of their financial needs before making the right decision.

Financial planning has been and will always be a part of your journey in life. Hence, everyone has different expectations of their responsibility & commitment. With FTA platform, let us take care of the back-end as we aim to assist you from end-to-end throughout the way.