Jin Ye Ye is the sister company of JYNNS. Jin Ye Ye was established in 2008, and was successfully transformed into a professional hamper and gift provider in the market. Today, Jin Ye Ye is one of the leading hamper and gift providers in Malaysia. During peak season, it has more than 80 promotional counters across peninsular Malaysia.

Jin Ye Ye has gained significant recognition among Malaysian Chinese in recent years, special tribute to our late brand ambassador Datuk Lai Meng, her series of commercial on broadcasting station were a huge success. In year 2018, we are honoured to have Nancy Sit, an international celebrity as our spokesperson, her impact within Chinese communities has brought Jin Ye Ye brand to another level.

Jin Ye Ye has made great efforts to break through the traditional hamper stereotypes by launching extraordinary products that stand out in the market. For Jin Ye Ye, gift-giving is something that relates to creativity and not dullness. By promoting the culture of gifting, we hope to spread the warmth of Chinese New Year to more people out there, sharing the joy and happiness of this cheerful atmosphere and reminding them as a part of culture that needed to be passed down over centuries.

Another milestone we have achieved is the expansion of the company in traditional wellness. With a humble mission to bring the best solution for public healthcare, Jin Ye Ye has successfully developed our own line of products, a new wellness brand -JYNNS we have worked on which we are proud to introduce to the public. We are truly grateful towards the overwhelming support received along the journey. In return, we are gradually expanding our business in retail around Malaysia, with a goal to serve our customers better.

For further understanding, please visit our house brand's pages through the following link
金爺爺 JinYeYe : https://www.facebook.com/jinyeyehamper/
金氏 JYNNS : https://www.facebook.com/jinshealthtonic/
Hong Kong Bay 香港香 : https://www.facebook.com/hongkongbay.mal/

Company Award-Winning
2019 Golden Eagle Award 2019【Excellent Eagle, 2nd Runner-up of Excellent Eagle and the first-ever Hong Leong Digital Eagle Award】
2019 Superbrands
2019 The BrandLaureate BestBrands Awards 2019, BestBrands in Gifts Solutions
2018 The Golden Bull Award Outstanding SMEs
2017 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards
2016 Malaysia Top 20 Young Entrepreneur
2015 The Prestigious Brand Top Corporate Leader Awards