JMO NETWORK SDN. BHD. was set up in 2003. Since then the company has been providing the latest internet marketing services, business and marketing consultation to Malaysia and Japanese companies and individuals.

The founder and Managing Director, Mr. Yoichi Imanishi is a Career Development Advisor, certified by Manpower Inc. Japan,  and a Brain Development Trainer certified by Japan Brain Development Institute.

He started his coaching programs since 2014. He has the expertise to provide business and life coaching sessions to many individuals both Malaysian and Japanese.

Now he has set up a new coaching program called “Career Mastery Coaching“. He has done extensive research and observation and discovered that there is a huge gap between the expectations of the employer and the employee and that there are mismatching problems in our job recruitment industry.

Now he plans to train Career Mastery Coaches and cater to those who are suffering from the current job recruitment industry.