SynergyHR Sdn Bhd

Since the company’s inception, SynergyHR has recognized that its continued success and growth is dependent on the adequacy and the quality of its human resources related services. Key human resources interventions will therefore be a pertinent factor in the equation in order to raise the clients’ business performance and maintain a competitive edge and sustainability.

We pride ourselves on NOT breeding client dependency but transferring skills and ownership to our clients. All our consultants are experienced professionals who have successfully operated at many levels of management for many years hence are able to provide valuable insights on human resources related matter.

We also understand that every organization is unique and that goals and challenges vary from one to another. Thus, we use sound business solutions and practices to tailor-make solutions that suits the local conditions whilst keeping in mind those unique needs specific to your organization. The results however, are exactly what every organization wants; a motivated workforce, satisfied customers and a more productive, profitable business.