IACT College

  • VSQ @ PJ City Centre, Block 2, Unit 13A-01, Jalan Utara, Section 14, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
  • http://www.iact.edu.my

Founded by the Industry | In 1970, the two largest advertising associations in Malaysia came together to form what has become Malaysia’s premier college specialising in creative communication. IACT College is a dedicated, talent prep-school for the creative communication industry, with 96% of its graduates employed in the industry within six months of graduation.

Project Based Learning teaching methods | What continues to differentiate IACT College until today is its ability to ensure graduates are job-ready through its project-based learning methods. Through this method, students have the unique opportunity to work on class projects with top-tier companies in the classroom. With these coveted opportunities, students engage with future employers as the education experience goes beyond theory and is put into practice.

Industry Experienced Lecturers | IACT College students are further prepared for their career through mentorship by their lectures, who possess a vast amount of industry experience. 83% of IACT College lecturers have worked professionally in the industry, with average industry tenure of 12 years.


IACT College aspires to be a preferred Malaysian institution dedicated to nurturing its students to think critically and to act wisely, with integrity and to make a positive contribution to the world.

We stand firm by our philosophy of being a college from the industry, for the industry.




In pursuing our Vision, IACT College will be guided by the following beliefs and principles:

  • We endeavour to provide a dynamic and accessible 21st century education with the highest quality that is well-balanced and relevant to the world at large.
  • We aspire to provide a fertile and technologically-driven learning environment that values social, cultural and racial diversities, freedom of speech and mutual respect.
  • We believe that we should work towards the safety and well-being of students, faculty members, support staff, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • We nurture a passion for continuous improvements in teaching, scholarship and administrative standards.