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Ampston Corporation is a technology solutions and consultancy that provides end-to-end customer solutions for the Education, Corporate and Government sector. We pride ourselves in providing latest technology solutions in the market and delivering exceptional customer service through customized solutions that meets individual client needs. Our team consists of industry experts specializing in mobile learning, learning pedagogy, content design and system implementation. Our team continuously keep ourselves informed with the latest learning trends and emerging technology solutions that enables us to always stay ahead in the market to meet our client’s learning objectives.


Ampston’s goals are to make a positive impact in the learning community through introduction of cutting edge technologies. We are constantly seeking out for the best products and services around the world in which have proven track record or high potential to change the realm of learning in the education industry. With our values embedded in our local support and coupling it with top notch innovative products and services, we will ensure the drive to succeed is a common goal among our clients and partners.